Oh the New Year!

January 23, 2014  •  Leave a Comment

I don't think spring will come soon enough this year. I have taken some time off to spend some quality time with these kids and REGROUP! Man did I need it. With that said, as much as I have enjoyed uninterrupted time with these crazy cats, I cannot wait to get back into my photography routine! I miss everything about it. I remember why I love doing photography. My creative outlet, my break from it all to hold someones beautiful new baby or to try my very best to get that crazy toddler to sit still for one minute and maybe even smile!! And of course there are those SWEET 6-9 month old babes that just sit there and smile at me :D I can in all honesty say I really love doing photography.

Cheers to another year! Now mother nature, can you give us all a little more warmth? How about at least 30˚ or above but keep it under 80˚. Preferably fall weather... Haha! is that too much to ask?


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