How to prepare for your newborn session: 


Dress baby(s) in an easy button down or zipper sleeper (no onsie).

This will help to less disturb baby when getting them undressed!


What to bring:


-Pumped milk if you are nursing OR PLENTY of formula

(newborns tend to want to eat alot during the session.. so heads up).

You can definitely nurse your baby during the session but during poses, it can be a baby calmer :)




-PACIFIER (even if you dont want them to have one for the future) This could be a session saver!!


Sessions can last up to 3 hours. Every baby is different..

It depends on how well baby(s) is doing, eating, relaxing and snoozing.

 Feel free to bring anything like hats, blankets, outfits, or things of sentimental value you may want in pictures...           it ill make your session more unique. I am always open to ideas.

Just make sure you let me know ahead of time what you will be bringing.